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Data Blitz 2013  

The data blitz returns this year after a two highly popular sessions in 2011 and 2012. Eligible pre-professors -- advanced graduate students and post-doctoral students poised to enter the job market -- will be selected to participate in the 75 minute symposium. Each participant will give a 5-minute presentation with no more than 4 slides and will entertain 1 brief audience question. 

Submission Information 

Prospective data blitzers should proceed with the normal process of submitting their symposium talks or posters. As part of the submission process the presenter can indicate whether they are eligible and wish to be considered for the data blitz. If you are part of a symposium submission, the submission process will be completed by your chair, so please make sure that your chair knows that you would like to be considered for the data blitz.

Eligibility: Only scholars who will be in the 4th+ year of a Ph.D. program or a postdoc as of January, 2013 may apply. No exceptions.

What If My Symposium or Poster Submission Is Accepted?

For symposium submissions: if a talk is accepted as part of a symposium, then it will not be considered for a data blitz talk. (Meaning, we will not disband any successful symposium panels.) If the symposium panel in which the submitted talk was rejected, then the individual scholar’s submission will be considered for the data blitz session.

For poster submissions: If your submission is accepted as a data blitz talk, it will not be presented as a poster. In other words, we assume that a talk is preferable to a poster. If you most certainly want to present your work as a poster, and you want to do a poster more than a talk, then we suggest you not submit to the data blitz.


Prospective data blitzers will be informed of acceptance (or not) shortly after the symposium and poster decisions, which we expect will be in early September.