2014   Abstract Submission   Call for Abstracts


The annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) will take place in Austin, Texas on February 13-15, 2014. All deadlines below are open until the last time zone on Earth.

Symposium and Poster Submission is CLOSED

Graduate Student Travel Award AND Diversity Fund Graduate Travel Award
Submission is CLOSED

Diversity Fund Undergraduate Registration Award Submission is

Scholars may be first author/presenter on only one submission – either a talk or a poster, but not both. It is permissible to be the chair on more than one submission, as long as the chair has a maximum of one submission in which he or she has a speaking role. Symposium chairs should verify that speakers are not first authors/presenters on another symposium or poster, as failing to do so may result in the entire symposium being rejected. The first author on the submission must be the presenter at the conference; switching roles after submission is not allowed.

Symposium Submissions: Each presentation within the symposium will be described by a title and an abstract of up to 150 words. Symposium chairs also will submit a title and two abstracts, a 150-word maximum summary that describes the symposium (for evaluation purposes) and a 50-word maximum summary suitable to print in the program. Each symposium consists of 3 or 4 presentations; discussants are not allowed.

Prior to submitting symposium proposals, chairs should determine how each presenter in their session would like to proceed in the event that the symposium cannot be accommodated in the program. Chairs should consult the “Plan B” chart to determine what additional information they may need from their presenters.

Poster Submissions:  Will include a title and two abstracts, one with a 150-word maximum (for evaluation purposes) and a second 50-word maximum abstract (to be printed in the program).

Data Blitz:  This year's conference will again feature presentations in a data blitz format, in which junior scientists will present their work in rapid-pace form (under 5 minutes).
This opportunity is available ONLY to submitters who will be either "early career members" of SPSP (e.g., postdocs--see SPSP Membership Categories page for more information) or advanced Ph.D. students (5th year and above in standard doctoral programs and final year in doctoral programs where students typically earn a doctoral degree in less than 5 years) at the time of the conference (February 2014).

There are two routes to having your submission considered for the data blitz. If you submit a poster, you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you want your submission considered for the data blitz. If you are part of a symposium, you will have the chair indicate whether you would like your talk to be considered for a data blitz if the symposium is rejected (those taking this route will provide their chair with a 50-word abstract of their submission in addition to the 150 word abstract). Talks that are part of accepted symposia will not be considered for the data blitz.


  • Every presenter must be a current SPSP member at the time of the conference (February 2014). More information about becoming a member of SPSP for 2014 will be sent along with notifications of acceptance.
  • As noted previously, no person may be the presenter (first author) on more than 1 submission.
  • Data must be collected prior to submitting. Submissions that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts must contain the specific goals of the study, methods used, summary of the results, and conclusions.
  • Submissions will be reviewed with regard to: scholarly/theoretical merit, soundness of methodology, relevance to social and personality psychology, clarity of presentation, significance, and originality. Final selection among submissions deemed meritorious will be made with an eye toward achieving a balanced and broadly representative program.